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“Divinely Inspired” 

I grew up on Vancouver Island BC within an aboriginal community. All around me images of native archetypes appeared to my psyche…the raven, beaver, deer etc. I heard about the Spirit of the Great Mother from ancient aboriginal stories and yet I had no idea “She” would come for me…

It all began just after I gave birth to my daughter. I began painting the house over and over again, color after color. Soon I was painting on canvases, unsure of what I was creating…I only had the impulse to paint and no preconceived idea of what I would arrive at.

Thus I began painting twenty years ago. The odd thing was that my brush would only paint a head-less naked women, over and over again. Each time I tried to paint something different a strange feeling of “wrongness” would overcome me. All I could do was paint renditions of a large woman over and over again in order to come to atonement. I did not understand this woman who had no head, but I continued to paint because I felt good every time I did.

It wasn’t until years later, in meditation, after meeting with the Great Spirit of the Divine Mother, that I realized the path was to her and her message. Her headless body represented following the “body intelligence.”  The conscious mind must let go and allow the body to take over as it cannot understand or lead “knowingly”. The mind is her child learning how to follow her lead without resistance. The ego-mind is represented by the head which is why the Goddess is headless. She is the all-knowing entity who rules with love.

The Goddess is the emotional intelligence which exists within all things and it is she which guides all life. No one is without her essence, yet few ‘know’ her intimately as we are all on auto-pilot, and our conscious mind is unaware.

Her time is come as now all are experiencing a ‘knowing’ of her being which lives both within and without each life form. It’s her receptive essence which controls all things. She is the leader through life. I swoon every time I paint her body and my admiration increasingly grows for her soft and invisible ways. 

Artist Kel Rae is a professional artist born in Vancouver and raised on Vancouver Island. At seventeen Kel Rae left home to live in the NW Territories among Eskimos and became interested in animist principles and their archetypes. During her youth she spent a majority of time travelling and viewing cultural art seeking to unravel the mythic imagination.

In the nineties Kel Rae settled in California where she gave birth to a daughter. Shortly after she attended the International Design Institute of San Diego. Following graduation Kel Rae left the states to live abroad and on returning to the US she enrolled at Losina Fine Arts Academy in San Diego where she majored in painting. It was there that the Spirit of the Great Mother began to emerge through her during the activity of painting.

In her quest to understand more about the nature of existence, she left the west coast for Spain deeply contemplating Divinity on the Island of Mallorca. After returning to Vancouver for a short duration, Kel Rae made the decision to leave worldly existence to meditate in the Mexican desert to  intimately know the way of the Great Feminine Spirit.

In 2010 Kel Rae returned to Vancouver Island where she currently resides with her daughter in Oak Bay and continues to paint. Kel Rae has been painting the Spirit of the Great Mother for over 15 years.









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