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I grew up on rustic Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, within an aboriginal community. All around me images of native archetypes spoke to me metaphorically and I listened to the way of the Great Spirit, the Great Mother, from ancient aboriginal legends. At seventeen I began to travel and over the years explored more than forty countries, all the Canadian provinces and territories, and most of the US states searching for a Divine connection, never imagining I would find it within the center of my being…

This connection began to emerge after giving birth to a daughter in San Diego, California where I lived. Soon after I felt a massive impulse to paint. The strange thing was my brush would only paint a head-less, large, naked women, over and over again. Each time I tried to paint something different a feeling of “wrongness” would overcome me and I would immediately feel relief when I returned to painting “her”. I could not understand this as I wished to paint other things but could only comply to my body.

It wasn’t until years later, in meditation, after great enlightenment and meeting with the Great Spirit, that I understood. Her headless body represented  the power of body intelligence which taught through feeling. It was She that controlled all things in the universe through her essence.

The linear, ego-mind is a mental child learning how to follow the abstract, body intelligence. It must follow her without resistance to allow the process of life to circle.

The ego-mind is represented by a masculine head (the creative thinker), which is why my Divine Feminine are generally headless (the embodied knower). She is the all-knowing entity who rules the cosmos with the strength of her benign force: love. She is the emotional intelligence which exists within all things. The intelligence that guides all life from within the center. Yes, her essence is the leader.

No one is without this essence, yet few intimately know her or bow to her force. Her time has come as we (all sentient things) begin to feel and recognize her being which lives both within and outside of ourselves. 

…read about her experiences in meditation with the Divine


Artist Kel Rae is a professional artist born in Vancouver and raised on Vancouver Island. At seventeen Kel Rae left home to live in the NW Territories among Inuit and became interested in the native archetypes behind animist principles to unravel mythic imagination.

In the nineties Kel Rae settled in California where she gave birth to a daughter. Shortly after she attended the International Design Institute of San Diego, later enrolling at Losina Fine Arts Academy where she majored in painting. Since this time, the Spirit of the Divine Feminine has deliberately moved through her during the activity of painting.

In her quest to understand more about the Great Spirit, and the nature of existence, she left the west coast for Spain deeply contemplating Divinity on the Island of Mallorca realizing that she had no desires. After returning to Vancouver for a short duration, Kel Rae left worldly existence to meditate in the Mexican desert to intimately know the way of the Great Feminine Spirit… read about her experiences in meditation with the Divine









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