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Many of my paintings have a black background. In early times black represented the color of fertility – the womb where life emerged from nourishing soils. Red ocher was the vibrant color of life indicating earthly inhabitance, and white depicted the end of physical life and a new beginning.
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At times I incorporate the lotus to represent Her great mystery of Her ‘being’ which lies behind all existence. The roots of the lotus connect like umbilical cords to Her great womb where impulse births the bloom. One cannot point directly at the Great Mother, She is invisible, detected only as the arc of a stem or the fragrance of a bloom.Go To Gallery

Almost all of my Goddesses do not have heads and this is because the Great Mother is the feeler – the “knower” – not the thinker. She is the body’s innate intelligence that takes over when the mind shuts down. She is the over-riding impulse that directs when the mind does not know or cannot comprehend its situation. She is the non-thinker or knower providing direction when all appears lost.
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My paintings enable the observer to allow the soft and gentle truth of their own being to rise to the surface. Each painting is a personal reminder of the gentle mystery behind life, a mystery born through and nurtured by a grand and loving essence that moves…in the Spirit of a Great Mother

My Great Goddesses hang in hotels, large homes, on the walls of entities like Microsoft, the BC Government, and in private resorts such as Montiboli Estates (private resort in Spain). Your custom painting can be framed or rolled and delivered to any location at your convenience.

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